1. Why did you build yella.net?

2. How can I post links ?

3. Is this site only for Arabian

4. What should I do, if a link is not available?

5. Do you have other site styles, cause this one sucks!

6. How can I support you?

7. Are other languages of this site available?

 1. Itís simple, cause we searched for Arabic files in the donkey network but we didnít find much! We decided to make it easier for YOU in searching files.

2. Just send an e-mail, and we will check and post it fast as we can. Send a new link: newlink@yella.net ...

3. No, of course! We are tolerant, and NOT terrorists!!!

4. Send an e-mail to support@yella.net ...

5. Yes, of course! But do it better by your own! Style two is available in near future! Styles are now available at www.yella.net, looks like a lava lamp, or www.dwakkad.com in cool blue... choose by your own.

6. Itís rally easy. With a little donate. For details contact me please...

7. I hope to publish in future in German. Arabic will coming soon also but it will be difficult for me, cause I can not write Arabic. Are you interested to translate? E-mail me!!!

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